Audit Log

In Cymmetri, the Audit Logs serve as a vital tool to maintain transparency, accountability, and security in your identity and access setup. This feature meticulously records a detailed account of various activities, ensuring a comprehensive overview of critical events and system changes.

For administrators looking to review system-related logs in Cymmetri, the process is simple. Just head to the "Audit Logs" tab within the Logs section. Here, you'll find a wealth of information, covering everything from user logins to requests for accessing applications.

Cymmetri goes the extra mile by capturing each and every system event, offering administrators a thorough understanding of what's happening within the platform.

For a closer look at a specific log entry, administrators can click on the eye icon next to it. This action provides a detailed response, offering insights into the exact activities that took place.

The admin can also filter the logs based on:

  1. The actor who performed the event

  2. The performed event

  3. Start and end date of the events

  4. Target and target type

  5. Status of the event - all, success, and failed

In essence, Cymmetri's Audit Logs empower administrators with the tools they need to keep a close eye on system activities, ensuring a secure and well-documented identity and access management environment.