Import History

The "Import History" tab in Cymmetri provides a comprehensive record of all data imports, ensuring transparency and accountability in managing user and system information. This feature is designed to offer administrators insights into the history of data imports, facilitating effective tracking and auditing.

To check the import history in Cymmetri, go to the "Import History" tab within the Logs section. This area keeps track of all bulk import events, including imports for user and application assignments.

In this section, administrators can find a detailed history of import events, including:

  1. File Name: The name of the file that was imported.

  2. Status: The status of the import activity, indicating whether it was successful or if there were any issues.

  3. Import Type: Specifies the type of import, such as user or application assignment import.

  4. Created By: Shows who initiated or performed the import.

  5. Created At: Indicates the timestamp of when the import occurred.

For a closer look at the import history, administrators can click on the eye icon next to a specific record. This detailed view provides insights into the imported record statuses, including:

Created Successfully in Cymmetri: Indicates records that were successfully created within the Cymmetri system during the import.

Duplicated in the System While Importing: Highlights instances where records already existed in the system, preventing duplication during the import process.

Error Occurrence During Import with Remarks: Flags any errors that occurred during the import, accompanied by remarks detailing the nature of the issue.