Release Notes

Version: 3.0.0

New Features

General Features

  • Updated Cymmetri framework to set default IST timezone.

  • Self-service Mobile App Introduced

  • External Components using Cymmetri Authentication added:

    • Windows Credential Provider using Cymmetri 2FA authentication

    • Cymmetri AD Password Filter

  • Global Session Management and Login configurations can be configured from a single location in Authentication section


  • Suspend and Resume Users to ensure appropriate removal of assigned business applications

  • Auto userId (loginId) generation

  • User Decommission if inactive for the specified duration

  • Teams configuration added for distributed access support.

  • On Behalf of feature introduced to support distributed administration.

  • On user registration unknown/new department and designation will be added to Cymmetri automatically.

Bulk Import

  • Bulk Import feature introduced, support for the following types of import added:

    • Bulk Application Assignment

    • Bulk Application Role Assignment

    • Bulk Manager Assignment

    • Bulk Group Assignment


  • Workflow approver selection.

  • Workflow configuration support added for setting multiple stages.

  • Custom workflow configuration added for below events, with rule based workflow execution support.

    • User Creation

    • Application Provisioning

    • Application Deprovisioning

    • Application Role Setup

    • Application Update

    • Workflow Setup

    • Decommission Device

  • Workflow Self Approval, configuration support added to set self approver rules, below are the supported workflows

    • Application Update

    • Application Provisioning

    • Application Deprovisioning


  • FIDO Authentication introduced as a new MFA mechanism

  • Support for Adaptive MFA added as an Experimental feature

Risk Engine

  • Active Directory Configuration

  • Scheduled Risk Evaluation

  • Reports

Password Filter

  • Password Filter support for Active Directory which is used to intercept password changes on Active Directory, and pass it to Cymmetri for provisioning purposes


  • Support for uploading of x509 certificate for SAML configurations

  • Support for configuring protocol binding, relay state of service provider

  • Support for Policy Mapping

  • Option to regenerate certificate and keys of SAML and listing of keys added

  • SAML configuration is separated for centralised control and ease of configuration

  • CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) feature for added sso applications


  • Web hook APIs secured with token based access

  • Two level encryption support with PKCS standard for authentication

  • Hook support added for below events

    • Change Password

    • Reset Password

    • Forgot Password


  • PAM MFA support added

    • Support added to configure multiple policies.

    • Added meta tag support for policy rules.

    • Latest updated policy will be considered if multiple policies matched

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