Admin Dashboard

Cymmetri dashboard provides administrators with a centralized and visual representation of key information and controls related to identity management, access governance, and administration.

The dashboard serves as a command center for overseeing and managing the identity lifecycle, compliance, and other aspects of identity and access governance within an organization.

Upon Logging in the admin is landed on the dashboard where he can see the following:

  • Shortcut to configure recently added application - Configuration the application means adding roles, defining provisioning, reconciliation, SSO and so on

  • Users Activity - Total Successful user logins in Cymmetri on that day

  • Accounts Locked - User account locked event on that day

  • Users Onboarded - New users being onboarded in the system on that day

  • Password reset - Password reset activity in the system on that day

  • Authentication stats - Number of successful and failed login attempt in a timeframe

  • App Identity - It displays the application reconciliation activity with respect to the users.

Cymmetri also displays some important system KPIs to the admin as shown below

Application - Number of applications onboarded in Cymmetri

Active Users - Total number of active users in the system

Total Users - Total number of users onboarded in Cymmetri

Roles - Total application roles created in Cymmetri

Workflows - Total approval workflows created in Cymmetri

Password policy - Total number password policies created for user authentication in Cymmetri

Rules - Total rules created in System for provisioning, MFA, approval workflows, etc.

Users unlogged - Number of users who have never logged in to Cymmetri

Additionally, there are some useful system shortcuts placed on the right side of the page to make faster business decisions.