Version: cloud_3.0.1-beta product release

Date: 30 January 2024

New Features

  1. Provision Rule Revamp:

    1. Restructure Provision rule condition configuration

      • Provide support single condition and group condition in condition config.

      • Provide Operator support like Equal and Not Equal.

      • Provide AND , OR Operator support for multiple condition in provision rule condition config

    2. Group provision Support

      • Add group in provision rule. (only local group)

    3. Old provision rule migration

      • If old rule without condition mark as inactive.

      • if old rule without application also mark as inactive.

  2. UI/UX Changes:

    • Application profile and group mapping in SAML SSO

    • SAML Service Provider - Restructuring and provide defaults

  3. Deprovision Rule support for user delete (if no application assign)

  4. SSO -SAML

    • SSO-group policy Mapping -- SSO SAML.

    • SSO-added nameFormat in profileMapping and groupMapping -- SSO SAML.

    • SSO-added digest algorithm method.

    • SSO-added list support for profile mapping.

  5. Mfa Attempt Enhancement(Old behaviour when admin locks the user then user should not able to unlock from selfservice now he/she can able to unlock yourself)

    • user can unlock if admin locked the user

    • invalid mfa will permanently lock the user, user can unlock account after mfa cooldown period is completed.

    • admin can unlock the user which will unlock the mfa as will

  6. UserType Master Support in User Creation and Updation.


  1. Provision Rule- Rule is not getting applied if previous provision rule is deleted.

  2. Group- Search functionality is not working

  3. Not getting form values in the target application when Form updated, role assigned and role unassign

  4. Self service app- Increase spacing

  5. Notification bell icon- When notification is empty, mark read and delete option should not be clickable

  6. Cymmetri self service app- When clicked on groups or application from on behalf tab, it is redirecting to dashboard page

  7. User Onboarding| Contact info details not accepting other country mobile number

  8. Cymmetri Verify app- For long tenant name timer clock is not visible

  9. Group-Attribute detail-provide search

  10. Android Heads Up Notification now will display notification upfront which earlier required from user to turn on from the Notifications Settings (Float Notification)

  11. Notification template-correct spell for delegation

  12. Deleted user login-on forgot password this user should be validated and restrict,currently showing error-Please try again

  13. SAML-On clicking validate regular expression should show data message which is available in backend

  14. Ctrl+K: Search filter is showing records for all the letters mentioned

  15. If the admin lock the user, then the user should be able self unlock by forgot password flow

  16. Audit- Audit log should shows role specific logs for role assignments/ unassignments

  17. Self Service: Access review- Validation message is not complete it is getting cut

  18. Registration- Showing processing please wait validation message after registering user and without any setup if user is clicking logout

  19. Self service app-On behalf: When clicked on application/groups from dropdown mobile keyboard is getting displayed and due to that applications/ groups visibility is less

  20. Not getting form values in the target application when form updated, role assigned and role unassign

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. AD Group pull || Only under 1000 member getting pulled (Connector Server Restriction)

  3. Workflow initiated for form but form is getting updated without workflow approval.