SCIM 2.0 with Bearer Authentication

  1. Any application which supports SCIM v2.0 with bearer token is workable for application.

  2. Following are configuration which is used for SCIM with bearer.

    1. Base address - It is the endpoint of the target system which supports SCIM v2 API’s.

    2. Username - Username to authenticate SCIM API endpoint.

    3. Password - Password to authenticate SCIM API endpoint.

    4. Security Token - It is a token which is used to authenticate.

    5. Grant Type - It is grant type which is used to grant access for API’s.

    6. Client Id - client id for authentication

    7. Client Secret - client secret for authentication

    8. Authentication type - It is Fixed Bearer compulsory.

    9. Update method - Patch or Put method.

    10. Accept - Http header which accepts (application/json etc).

    11. Content Type - Http header which accepts (application/json etc).

    12. Access Token Base Address - base address for access token

    13. Access Token Node Id - node id for access token

    14. Access Token Content Type - content type for access token.