How to Access PAM in Cymmetri

  1. Navigate to your Cymmetri Tenant for e.g.

  2. Login into your tenant by entering your username and password of the Organization Administrator and Click "Login"

  3. Enter Cymmetri Authenticator Code and Click "Verify"

  4. Go To "Configurations"

And Click on "Admins"

  1. Select PAM Write Access option and Click "Add New" to add a new PAM Write Access Administrator

  1. Find the user who needs to be the Administrator and Click "Assign"

  2. Ensure correct Role is selected and Click "Save"

  3. Ensure the selected user is appearing in the list of Admins

  4. Follow the same steps to assign a PAM Read Access Administrator

  5. And PAM Report Access Administrator

  6. Logout from the current login

  1. And login again using the login credentials of the PAM Admin that was just added

  1. Since the user is now an administrator we will need to provide the authenticator code and click on "Verify" to login

  2. To Access PAM we need to Click on "Products"

  3. And then select Privilege Access Management

  4. This opens the screen for Privilege Access Management as shown below