PAM Reports and PAM History

PAM Reports

Cymmetri provide you with various PAM Reports that the administrator can use to have various insights.

For accessing PAM Reports you need to access Privilege Access Management ->Report as shown below:

PAM Reports sections provides you with the following types of reports:

Report Type


PAM Access Report

Provides details of server access by PAM Users

PAM Connection Logs

Provides details of the various PAM Connections that occur

PAM User Logs

Provides PAM user logs

PAM User-Connection Assignment

Provides details of the user connection assignment

PAM user wise server access report

Shows user wise access of PAM Server

PAM History

PAM server can monitor and record privileged sessions, providing audit trails of all privileged access activities. This allows security teams to quickly identify and investigate any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

PAM History shows a complete history of usage by PAM users of the various devices/ servers configured in PAM. PAM History maintains recording of all privileged access activity which can be seen by the administrator as and when needed.

To Access PAM History you need to access Privilege Access Management->History. To view the session recording you need to click on the video icon in right most column Logs

The image below shows a sample recording that the administrator can view