Workflow Rules

Custom workflows can be configured and customized further by creating workflow rules.

To create Workflow Rules Navigate to Products -> Lifecycle Management -> Workflow -> Rules and click on the +Add New button

Following details need to be provided whenever a new rule is added: Name: (Mandatory)Name of the Worflow Rule

Workflow: (Mandatory) Need to select the custom workflow for which the rule will be applicable

Event: (Mandatory) Select event triggering the workflow, such as Application Provisioning, Deprovisioning, User Creation, Workflow Setup, Application Role, Application Update, Decommission Device, and more.

Description: (Optional) General description of the rule


Conditions and filters can be added for country, department, designation, login pattern, user type, application, application role, and workflow depending upon the event selected

Multiple conditions can be combined using AND/ OR operators

Conditions can also be grouped to evaluate to true or false as a group

Meta conditions can be added for application events if meta values are added for applications