Version: cloud_3.0.1-beta product release

Date: 03 November 2023

**To ensure the highest quality standards, some features in this version are marked for further refinement and will not be included in the current release. Please refer to the next approved release for updates and improvements.**

New Features

  1. Policy Map Datatype Converter

    • Added standard converter to convert ldap profile picture.

    • Added standard converter to encrypt & decrypt data.

    Sample Fields For Active Directory

Application Field

Cymmetri Field

Application Field Type

Cymmetri Field Type

Create Only

Update Only



Ldap DateTime Custom






Ldap DateTime






Ldap Byte Array




  1. Decision Engine Restart Scheduler

    • Added scheduler which will run on every hour and process stuck decisions.

  2. Audit JMS Queue added in following services

    • cymmetri-microservices-authPolicy

    • cymmetri-microservices-mfa

    • cymmetri-microservices-notification

    • cymmetri-microservices-provisionEngine

    • cymmetri-microservices-registration

    • cymmetri-microservices-ruleEngine

    • cymmetri-microservices-selfservice

    • cymmetri-microservices-usermanagment

    • cymmetri-microservices-workflow

    • IG

    • cymmetri-microservices-sodengine

    • cymmetri-microservices-pam

    • cymmetri-microservices-analytics

  3. UI/UX Changes

    • Show Cymmetri Verify app link on push/fido registration screens.-Rejected for the selfservice app

  4. Cymmetri Verify App update (v5.9.1)

  5. Cymmetri Verify App update (v5.9.2)

  6. Cymmetri Verify App update (v5.9.3)

    • Display a message to indicate the action being performed

  7. Restructured bulk user import for performance

  8. Notification Global Config

    • Notification categories in two types i] Mandatory ii] Optional.

    • Notification Global Config applicable for only optional type of notification.


  1. Cymmetri Verify- When exporting TOTP users password is accepting all digits/values as alphabets/number when it should have accepted alphanumeric values

  2. Cymmetri Verify | IOS | Face ID being asked infinitely

  3. Cymmetri Verify app- Showing duplicate records when imported from other device

  4. Cymmetri Verify app- Search functionality is not working when users imported from different device

  5. Cymmetri Verify- Show password when clicked and file is exported, then again export file same password is visible with no masking(password is visible)

  6. Cymmetri Verify | IOS | Unable to import backup file

  7. Cymmetri Verify | IOS | Face ID not supported error

  8. Cymmetri Verify | Account details not updated on adding/removing push/fido

  9. Cymmetri Verify | IOS | Not internet error

  10. Application getting repeated within different pages of application list

  11. My workspace>Access Review>IG>Managed - When all the checkbox of Info field are disabled, then title checkbox should also be disabled

  12. User - Application - Group name should be displayed

  13. Audit-Audit with device filter not working

  14. Vaulting Configuration- Test connection audit not present

  15. Notification Template- User is not receiving mail for reset password

  16. Login-Showing incorrect validation message and asking user to reset password again

  17. Onboarding flow | Additional details not accepting other country mobile number

  18. Recon history- provide search

  19. Tenant Registration- Domain is not visible

  20. Register tenant- Country dropdown is showing no option instead of countries list

  21. Application - Tag - Already created tags present in application are not getting displayed in grid page.

  22. Partner Portal- Showing invalid argument but not able to understand exact which field is invalid

    • Admin Portal- Top search not working

    • Admin Portal- Get Started link not working

    • Admin Portal- Company name and company code should get trim

  23. Fido Authentication- User is not able to authenticate via FIDO in first time, user need to kill app or refresh inorder to register device

Known Bug

  1.  Manager notification : receiving user name required manager name 

  2.  Multi-role assignment with form,then form adding repeatedly for each role, expected only one form should bethere 

  3.  Fido - Push/fido not getting removed from mobile app 

  4.  Password converter only accepted encrypted value . it should also accept user's editable value

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