Version: cloud_3.0.2-beta product release

Date: 01 December 2023

**To ensure the highest quality standards, some features in this version are marked for further refinement and will not be included in the current release. Please refer to the next approved release for updates and improvements.**

New Features

  1. User management service restructured.

  2. PAM - Sub domain added in Authentication Parameter

  3. UI/UX Improvements:

    • Show username in user selection dropdown menus

    • Show Cymmetri Verify app link on MFA TOTP Registration and App MFA TOTP, Push, Fido

    • Show message when cookies are disabled on browser

    • Cymmetri Verify App update (v5.10)

      • App drawer, header and lock screen UI improvements

      • Search box moved to header

      • Show search history

      • Haptic feedback on TOTP code press

  4. Cymmetri Verify App Hotfix (v5.10.1)

  5. Introduced spring expression language in SAML.

  6. In Multifactor otp config we can't disable both email otp and sms otp. At least one should be active.

  7. Group Provisioning

  8. Cymmetri Mobile App update (v1.5)

    • Added QR code self registration for TOTP, Push and FIDO

    • Added TOTP self verification eliminating need for finding and copying TOTP from cymmetri Verify app for the login

    • Added App lock with biometric in the app


  1. Forgot password-User is not receiving email notification

  2. Workflow description spelling correction

  3. Workflow on unassignment-On role unassignment, if any workflow already trigger then message should be shown

  4. Manage view- for converter used parameter not showing

  5. Application-date converter, recon pull getting stuck

  6. Workspace | click search box creates Ul glitch

  7. Login with Read only user- Configuration> Syslog configuration- Configuration should be gray out and should not be editable

  8. Configuration>User decommission config- Add a short description specifying functionality (Title)

  9. MFA- Rename SMS Authenticator to OTP Verification

  10. Configuration>Master>Zone>Gateway IP- Sorting is not working

  11. Configuration>Master>Global>Value- Sorting is not working

  12. Configuration>Master>Zone>Name- Sorting is not working

  13. User Onboarding| Contact info details not accepting other country mobile number

  14. Delegation- Successful Validation message should be shown after user is assigned

  15. Time-based role assigned application- Time based Application is not getting deleted after time period is completed when role is assigned

  16. Configuration>Master>Zone- Showing old zone data when creating new zone

  17. My workspace>Access Review>IG>Managed - When all the checkbox of Info field are disabled, then title checkbox should also be disabled

  18. Provision- When user is trying to create new role, role is not getting added neither validation message is shown

  19. Cymmetri Verify - IOS - Push/FIDO Verification screen not shown when app opened through its notification

  20. Cymmetri Verify - App protection not working

  21. Self service app- User when trying to login on self service app having Fido authentication On, user is redirected to Play store but see in play store app is not clickable

  22. Cymmetri Verify - Same day exported file - with file count attached to the name is reported as invalid file

  23. Application provisioning MFA- When max TOTP/OTP/Secret Question invalid answers limit exceeds, it should show validation message and should be redirected to login page.

  24. Application Role workflow- User is applying workflow for specific role but non workflow as signed role is also not getting assigned

  25. Update user import sample file

  26. usersrvc/api/user/dropdownList- in above path, for create workflow in bulk

    when we create in bulk it is showing out of memory

  27. Global Notification disable-by default it is off

  28. Notification template- Global Notification for OTP is off still logs is showing mail sent(True)

  29. Campaign with group-Campaign getting aborted

  30. Multi-role assignment with form, then form adding repeatedly for each role, expected only one form should be there

  31. Deprovision rule- User is not getting suspended when end date is applied at the time of user creation

  32. Users Import- User name, Login should get trim if space is included while importing user

  33. Identity Hub> User session- User session is not getting terminated even after revoking users session button is clicked

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. AD Group pull || Only under 1000 member getting pulled (Connector Server Restriction)

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