Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes may be added for all user entities in your Cymmetri Platform. This allows organizations to add custom user attributes, that are used across the applications in the organization.

For example, your organization has a custom attribute that captures and uses the local language of your employees and vendors for the purpose of providing local services. This attribute may be stored in your Active Directory, and may need to be synchronized to your organization’s other applications during the course of an employee or vendor’s employment.

Cymmetri platform allows the administrator to define custom attributes on a tenant-wide level.

Custom attributes can be used at various places like when creating a user, as a filter when searching for users, and is visible in the others section of user info

Configuring Custom Attributes

  1. To start configuring custom attributes, click on the Configurations menu on the left-hand side and then click on the Custom Attributes menu.

  1. Click on the Add New button to start adding a custom attribute

  2. Fields to be updated:

    1. Name/ Key: refers to the label assigned to the custom attribute.

    2. Description: allows you to provide additional details or notes about the custom attribute for reference and clarity.

    3. Status: Allows to activate the custom attribute. Only if it is set to active, is the attribute available to use in the User Object.

    Note: A custom attribute once created can only be set to inactive, it cannot be deleted.