Version: cloud_3.0.1-beta product release

Date: 23 February 2024

**To ensure the highest quality standards, some features in this version are marked for further refinement and will not be included in the current release. Please refer to the next approved release for updates and improvements.**

New Features

  1. UI/UX Changes:

    • Skeleton loaders - Improved loading indicators

    • Filter enhancement for Users and Application pages - Now filter persists the data once go in the detail page and come back also an indicator to show how many filters or any filters are applied

    • Branding changes - Now the preview of branding will be on scroll for better UX , "should help icon be shown " field would highlight the help icon

  2. Mfa attempt Admin User lock

    1. Mfa attempt config added in global auth policy

    2. Self-unlock flag to unlock the user during admin lock the user

    3. Email for invalid mfa attempt

  3. Service Provider (SP) Initiated SAML Single Logout

  4. Secret Questions verification changed

    • Earlier it used to show all question and mandate user to fill all the configured questions . Now it will only ask user to show dropdown multiple times configured by admin for minimum correct answers.

  5. SBI VAPT :

    1. Encrypt 'login' in some public api same as password encrypted. Following APIs are changed:

      1. validateIdentity api : on login page validateIdentity api change get type to post and in request body login encrypted value pass.

      2. token api : on login page token api login encrypted value pass.


  1. API Integration for passwordless flow reset password

  2. Workflow- For user list workflow approver, user is showing in list dropdown but in pending workflow it is showing empty.

  3. Application- Application name should be unique

  4. Applications Group mapping- Change the validation message as only one group can be added in group mapping/ disable the add attribute button after 1st group mapping is done

  5. AD application Recon- When importing users via recon having provision rule assigned for User creation with condition, then showing error in recon history and again after executing run now command then user is getting imported but going in Ignore case.

  6. AD Application recon- When workflow is applied for User creation having condition applied(Department=Accounts), and user is imported via recon, recon history is showing user assigned but when searched In identity hub-Users, showing user not found.

  7. Notification Template- Showing processing please wait message when trying to click toggle button

  8. Provision Rule- User should not be able to save provision rule without adding applications/groups

  9. SBI VAPT || Testing and changes for SBI as well as product

  10. Application SSO- Label change to update

  11. My workspace>Inbox- User details popup box should not be displayed when user is deleted from admin account after initiating workflow

  12. Deprovision- Remove Exclusion Applications field

  13. Delegation account- Change label from Delegate Session Active to Delegate Session Information

  14. Users> Applications- Total number of applications assigned should be shown in user account

  15. User: Menu Action- There should be sync event toggle button while marking user inactive in user menu as available while marking inactive from user setting tab

  16. Policy attribute- When removing policy attribute, that field is not getting removed also it is visible in policy map application field dropdown

  17. Identity Hub> Users- Users should be searched on basis of Usertype as well

  18. User Creation Workflow- When clicked on the cancel button on the workflow preference popup box, it should remain on the user creation page. For now it is cancelling the whole process

  19. Application> SSO>Configuration>Edit configuration- UI for logos and name is not proper

  20. Application SSO> Configuration- Marked button should be disabled until service provider is selected

  21. Branding- Change label as both the fields are sounding similar

  22. Branding- Preview is not available after changing setting

  23. Branding- Add a short note/sample file for default help link when show help button is Yes

  24. User Filter- Reset button should reset all the filters applied and load complete data

  25. Self Service App>Managed access- Fields on right side should be slightly moved to left as in mobile it is not visible properly

  26. Application Audit logs- Applications are getting updated when password reset is performed for users.

  27. Selfservice app-MAX MFA attempt message is not readable

  28. Self Service mobile app: Application- Application Tag is not visible when clicked on move to tag option at first time and later on option is continuously visible

  29. My workspace> Inbox- Starred requests are not getting saved in starred folder

  30. Exclude application > delegation- When any application is added in tag and excluded by delegator, then should not be visible in delegatee account

  31. My workspace: Application- One application should be assigned/moved to one tag only

  32. Teams Configuration- Showing route issue when saving new teams configuration

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. AD Group pull || Only under 1000 member getting pulled (Connector Server Restriction)

  3. Workflow initiated for form but form is getting updated without workflow approval.