Version: cloud_3.0.12-beta product release

Date: 18 April 2024

**To ensure the highest quality standards, some features in this version are marked for further refinement and will not be included in the current release. Please refer to the next approved release for updates and improvements.**

New Features

  1. Upload filename length validation: When file is upload in form of profile image, excel file import then validation is added for the file name length.Implement pages are as follows (20 characters)

    • Selfservice profile picture

    • Application image

    • Excel upload in User import, manager assignment, application assignment, group assignment,Role import

  2. For the remote group, when a user or application is assigned to the group, they will not be assigned to Cymmetri until they have been successfully assigned to the target.

  3. Workflow Config

    • After creating work flow now user redirect to workflow config page.

    • Now we can't active workflow if approver not configure in workflow config.


  1. Application> Roles- Add toggle button to Active /Inactive status.

  2. Add application/device name with space,Space should be trim

  3. Users> Activity- Filter and search should be added in user activity

  4. Workflow-"Save" button should remain disabled unless some condition is mentioned

  5. Application SSO-attribute mapping-for duplicate entry,message should be show on same screen,refer other module for the duplicate entry error message

  6. Lifecycle Mgmt>Hook Config - Search filter is not working

  7. Amaya Connector- Show complete name on tooltip

  8. User Setting- Change validation message for all three tasks( Active, Inactive, Delete)

  9. Workflow Configuration- If approver is not present then workflow config should not get active

  10. Partner Portal - Add Asterisk (*) for marked fields

  11. Partner Portal- The validation message indicates that spaces are acceptable, but the field is not currently allowing them

  12. Partner portal- Company name letters should be extended to 100 characters and space at the end should be trimmed

  13. Amaya-Param getting duplicate

  14. Trigger email to user when MFA max attempted in login

  15. Master > Audit logs- Audit for fields created or updated in Master is not showing except for Grade

  16. PAM Device- Not able to search PAM devices from my workspace

  17. Application add with space,Need to handle space in backend also as temporay fix deployed from UI side

  18. Rename- Dynamic json connector to Amaya

  19. Amaya connector- Rename Dynamic Json connector to Amaya

  20. Dynamic Json Connector- Text is overflowing tag border

  21. Delegation- User should not be able to save delegation when start date is in past.

  22. Amaya-policy map-felicity-If for policy map attribute not generated then default value should be there

  23. Add application-For policy map default should be off

  24. Update pagination offset - label and placeholder

  25. Amaya-Response getting hide

  26. Rename Amaya provision sub tab to User Configuration

  27. Amaya-Policy map,tooltip overlap issue

  28. Partner portal-under cymmetri customer total user count showing-1, actual available-12

  29. Recon- Modes should be non editable

  30. Import users via CSV/recon- Users should not be imported/ should show error when particular usertype, department ,designation fields are inactive

  31. Load Test Data: Identity Hub> Users- Pagination is not working when multiple users(Load) are present

  32. Workflow- Workflow popup box is showing unknown but in pending workflow is going into requestor manager

  33. User-Filter with custom attribute not working on below data

  34. AD Application new bundle- If user is inactive in AD, and same user is updated in Cymmetri then user in AD should also get updated

  35. AD Recon push-User not getting push in target (New bundle)

  36. Recon- Timing is not correct

  37. Application delete-Deleted application present under Provision rule ,even after application deleted

  38. Processing please wait message should be changed, when no data is entered and clicked on preview assertion

  39. Deprovision- User is getting suspended when deprovision rule is executed via scheduler when no end date is applied or status is inactive

  40. Reports> Filter- Showing error message to enter start and and date when resetting filter or applying any other filter.

  41. Remote Group assign in bulk-Not moving all user in group under AD

  42. To verify user deleted from AD OU and cymmetri admin trying to assign remote group

  43. AD application - In Suspend user, application status is showing fail updation state

  44. Remote group-bulk assignment showing ServiceUnavailableException

  45. Group-Recon pull-update and full sync assign/update-taking too much time

  46. Ad Application- Application assignment is going in failed state , but deleting application is also getting failed

  47. Assign user to remote group is failed

  48. AD application recon- When workflow is configured and recon is executed, then user is going in pending workflow

  49. AD New Bundle- Thumbanail Photo is reflecting incomplete(In hex form) in AD

  50. Workflow- Workflow popup box is showing unknown but in pending workflow is going into requestor manager

  51. Recon-Name not present then also showing error for the duplicate

  52. AD application - In Suspend user, application status is showing fail updation state 

  53. Custom attribute Import via API EXT- Password should be encrypted form when imported 

  54. SSO-Openid not working on QA, same working on dev 

  55. Multi node-Application assign with role, all user getting assigned but still import showing inprogress 

  56. API ext (API Client) User not getting created 

  57. Deprovision rule-user data not getting updated when change Grace Period 3 to 0 days 

  58. Unable to add Gmail account on Android after logging into Cymmetri 

  59. Tenant specific> Reset OTP config- Not able to save configuration 

  60. Partner portal- Display validation message specifying some fields are missing 

  61. Grade workflow- Preference config popup box is showing user name but pending is showing Unknown 

  62. Group recon pull-when space is in name then not going in ignore case 

  63. Workflow- Sequence for approver is mismatched in preference config popup box and in pending workflow 

  64. Workflow- Workflow in preference popup box is showing user name but in pending showing unknown when applied for user list or grade 

  65. Workflow- When approver is set as reporting manager and application workflow is initiated then preference box is showing approver name but pending is showing unknown 

  66. Schedule report- cron not getting updated, from hourly to change once in day then also report receiving hourly 

  67. creating the user through the JIT Message was rejected due to issue instant expiration 

  68. PAM device is assigned then on access showing message for the disconnected 

  69. AD Adaptor token- Token is showing Invalid 

  70. PAM Device- showing processing plaese wait validation message with 403 forbidden error 

  71. Application- Showing processing please wait validation message. 

  72. Loadtest-workflow page not loading 

  73. Expired session: Showing blank page when clicked on user setting logout tab 

  74. Suspend Config- User should be able to disable suspend config 

  75. Deprovision- Deprovision via scheduler is not working 

  76. AD-Recon pull with update-If user data removed from AD and taking pull,then this data not updating in the cymmetri user data 

  77. group push-not taking user in AD at the time of update 

  78. Daily scheduler running late 

  79. AD Application- Showing error when trying to update profile picture 

  80. MFA- Rename SMS Authenticator to OTP Verification 

  81. Global Auth-When the "Single Session > Block Session" setting is enabled, attempting to log in with the same user account should block the user even before verifying Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). 

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. Workflow initiated for form but form is getting updated without workflow approval.

  3. In application setting if show to user flag off then also application show in recent application.

  4. Unable to identify application properties data type where value is empty

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