On Behalf

The "On Behalf" section in Cymmetri provides authorized users and administrators with the capability to perform actions or transactions on behalf of other users. This feature is particularly useful for delegated administration and support scenarios, allowing one user to assist another or act on their behalf with specific permissions.

In the Cymmetri platform, when a user needs to raise an access request for an application on behalf of another user, they can navigate to the "On Behalf" tab within MyWorkspace.

On this page, the user is presented with a list of all users. By clicking on the ellipsis icon located at the top right corner of a user's card, a menu appears, offering the option to "Assign application" on behalf of the selected user.

Upon selecting the "Assign application" option, the user is directed to a page displaying the available list of applications. Subsequently, by clicking the "Assign" button for a specific application, the user can either initiate the workflow for application provisioning (if configured) or directly assign the application to the selected user.

This streamlined process within the "On Behalf" section of Cymmetri enhances the user experience, making it efficient and user-friendly for authorized individuals to manage access requests and application assignments on behalf of others.