Cymmetri Reports is a comprehensive reporting feature that provides valuable insights into user, application, and administrator-related data within the Cymmetri platform. With a range of reports at the administrator's disposal, the administrator can monitor user activities, application access, and administrative actions efficiently.

Cymmetri Reports offers a total of 20 different reports. These reports help the administrator track and manage different aspects of your Cymmetri environment. These reports can be roughly categorized into user-related, application-related, administrator-related, and contract/employee-related sections as shown below:

User Reports

  1. Cymmetri Users Report

  2. Domain Admin Access Report

  3. Recent Hires Report

  4. Sunset User Report

  5. Terminated Users Report

  6. Users Without Reporting Managers

  7. Cymmetri Usage Report

  8. User Login Report

Application Reports

  1. Application Access

  2. Application Assignment Report

  3. Provisioning Report

  4. Application Usage Report

  5. MFA Usage Report

  6. Most Active Users Report

Administrator Reports

  1. Cymmetri Administrators

  2. Cymmetri Audit Report- Log of events/actions performed within Cymmetri.

Contract and Employee Reports

  1. Contractors with upcoming contract end date

  2. Employee's with upcoming contract end date

  3. Terminated Contractors Reports

  4. Terminated Employees Report

An administrator, has the option to email reports to him/herself or schedule automatic email delivery of periodic reports to specific users or recipients at regular intervals. This ensures that critical information is consistently delivered to the right people.

To further tailor the reports to specific needs, Cymmetri Reports allows the administrator to filter out certain columns. This feature enables the administrator to focus on the most relevant data and eliminate unnecessary information from the reports.

You can refine the data within the reports by applying specific parameters tailored to each report's requirements.

Cymmetri Reports empowers administrators to make informed decisions, track user activities, and efficiently manage the Cymmetri environment.

Explore the reports, use the email and scheduling features, and customize the reports through column filtering to get the most out of this powerful reporting tool.