Version: cloud_3.0.4-beta product release

Date: 03 January 2024

**To ensure the highest quality standards, some features in this version are marked for further refinement and will not be included in the current release. Please refer to the next approved release for updates and improvements.**

New Features

  1. Connector

    • Darwinbox

    • SuccessFactor

  2. Cymmetri Verify now supports webauthn QR code scanning from mobile in case mobile camera doesn't support QR scanning

  3. Persistent Form Enhancement

    • Added Form submission support on Role assignment.

    • Added Form submission support on Role unassignment.

    • Added configuration to enable/ isable form submission on role assignment and unassignment.

  4. Policy Map Data Type Converters

    • Added support to input pattern of date of target system.

    • Added support to convert date & date time of target system using mentioned pattern.

  5. PAM

    • Download AD Certificate

  6. Passwordless Login Flow Enhancement.- Now tere is MFA registartion is optional in login

  7. Lock user on mfa failed Attempt.

    • Added configuration for mfaattempt, coooldown period.


  1. Reset password OTP- Max limit validation message should be displayed if 3 invalid otp are provided

  2. For the newly created tenant configuration showing error

  3. For newly created tenant notification template not loading

  4. Time-based/Normal Application- When deprovisioning time-based application or successf ully assigned application is going into failed state showing null pointer exception

  5. Selfservice-Behalf-User-Group-Group is already assigned then also it is again available for t he assignment

  6. Selfservice-Team-User-Group-Group is already assigned then also it is again available for t he assignment

  7. Group-Custom Attributes not getting updated in group while assigning user to the group manually

  8. Provision Rule- User need to refresh page when adding/updating application role condition

  9. Recon pull with AD-For default data related to date it is not working

  10. ctrl+K search -add MFA rule not present

  11. Partner portal-Add customer with domain-for domain field validation should be as per the normal registration

  12. Cymmetri verify App(Selfservice(-Need to handle auto register flow in the application MFA

  13. App Auth does not work when verify app in closed state

  14. ios 17.2 Auto Auth not working

  15. ctrl+k search-Read only user redirecting on add form

  16. SAML-Expression-Provide sample on i icon

  17. PAM- Rename server to device

  18. Login with PAM Read Access Admin-PAM>Devices>Setting: User is able to edit complete p age details and showing processing validation message when clicked on save button

  19. User not getting deleted from AD when assign in AD

  20. Recon-Pull-Group, for one user having 900 groups, then under recon history showing error,same vice versa one group multiple users

  21. Take pull from AD- User having remote group present in AD

  22. When password is expired and the user is trying to change password then it is not adhering password policy, accepting same old password

  23. SAML-Regular expression-if user entity not exist and doing SSO then in audit data should be present

  24. Identity Hub- Group: Validation message should be shown when clicked on assign group button

  25. Identity Hub >User: Custom attribute dropdown is not completely visible

  26. Custom Attribute Import- When password attribute is imported via csv file then password should be visible in encrypted form in user details

  27. Custom attribute Import via API EXT- Password should be encrypted form when imported

  28. Application MFA- Showing routes issue when accessing application

  29. Not able to login on partner portal via admin login

  30. Route issue-On click configuration tab

  31. On Behalf- Route issue

  32. Import> Download sample file- showing route error

  33. Browser cookies disable-end user-facing difficulty

  34. Calendar: Resolution specific> Calendar Ul is getting glitched at 75% 80% 90% zoom

  35. Identity Hub-Users: User should not be able to assign application again if already is assigned.

  36. Teams-Add user showing unknown error

  37. Inbox showing unknown error

  38. Teams-User list not showing

  39. Application Recon- When user is trying to Pull users from database and if pin code is blank, then default set value should have been taken

  40. Authentication> Auth rule- Showing Rulesrvc not found validation message

  41. Policy map update-on save showing error

  42. Hide this /disable button when script is enabled

  43. MFA- Rename SMS Authenticator to OTP Verification

  44. Application getting assigned from UI. If it is failed.

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. AD Group pull || Only under 1000 member getting pulled (Connector Server Restriction)

  3. Workflow initiated for form but form is getting updated without workflow approval.

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