Tenant Branding

Tenant branding in Cymmetri allows you to personalize and enhance the visual identity of your environment. With tenant branding, you can customize the appearance of your platform, including logos, color schemes, and even tailored messages, aligning it with your organization's branding guidelines.

This not only creates a cohesive and professional user experience but also reinforces your brand's presence throughout the Cymmetri environment. It's a powerful tool for organizations looking to maintain a consistent and recognizable image while utilizing Cymmetri's identity and management capabilities.

The Cymmetri platform allows a certain level of customization to your tenant from the administration panel. This includes the ability to modify the default Cymmetri branding scheme to your own Organization’s branding scheme.

  1. Your Organization Name and Tagline

  2. Your Organization Logo

  3. Your Organization Branding Colors (Primary, Secondary, Accent Colors)

Configuring your tenant branding

  1. To access the branding menu, first click on the Configuration menu on the left-hand side and then proceed by clicking on the Branding menu item.

  2. Start the configuration by entering your Organization Name and Tag Line

  3. Proceed by adding a Welcome text and Welcome Tagline and select whether the Cymmetri help icon should be visible to the user or not

  4. Proceed by adding your URL to the Website text box and click on “Fetch Brand”.

  5. If your organization’s branding is available, the logo and the corresponding color scheme will be displayed in the menu below.

  6. If your branding is not available, you may configure it yourself by uploading your logo and editing your primary color, secondary color, and accent color.

  7. Click on Save and Sync Server button to make the branding configuration apply to the entire website.

The configuration will be applied in a few seconds to reflect your branding.

In Cymmetri, the administrator now has the option to select the "Reset to default theme" button, allowing them to revert to the original theme.