3.1.0 - Product Release

Version: cloud_3.1.0 product release

Date: 02 May 2024

New Features

  1. Add Welcome Guide when no nodes added

  2. Amaya Operations cards messages updated

  3. Tooltip DX enhancements

  4. Add confirmation dialogue when request method is missing

  5. File Upload Validations based on filename length and file size

    • File validation applied on User Bulk Imports, Group Assignments, Application Assignments, Role Imports, Upload metadata SSO.

    • Branding Image upload applied image size validation and image name length valdation.

    • Validation also applied on self service User avatar upload, application icon upload.

  6. Cymmetri Verify App issuer format is changed now so there wont be duplicate record creation from now onwards, earlier we did not take into account of the environment but now we are considering that as well


  1. Deprovision Via scheduler when threshold value is set:- Past date user is also getting deprovisioned when rule is applied on status 

  2. Application-Role-One role mandatory, validation should be present at least one active 

  3. Node name without spaces overlap 

  4. Amaya- Not able to drag down node which is at the top most corner 

  5. Campaign - Campaign action reminder email time calculation wrong 

  6. Campaign- Campaign is getting aborted and summary is showing blank when campaign for local group is executed. 

  7. Custom attribute - When custom attribute filter is applied in users, showing no users found 

  8. Workflow- Preference config box is not visible while deprovisioning application 

  9. Self service app: While setting up secret question authentication in mobile app, user need to click twice on question field. 

  10. User activity Ascending Descending not working 

  11. Amaya Connector Recon- Showing duplicate role remarks, but in duplicate field showing 0 records 

  12. Identity Hub- Groups- After editing groups when on application / activity page user is redirected to users page by default

  13. My workspace> Create new tags- showing older suggestion as soon as clicked on new tag field 

  14. AD Application - View attribute is empty 

  15. Tenant registration | Pressing tab key glitches UI 

  16. Missing error code mapping 

  17. Grade Workflow- When workflow preference config is set to visible, and workflow is applied for user creation, then popup box is showing user list but in pending showing unknown instead of user list

  18. Amaya- When the back button is clicked, a save/discard popup box will appear. However, clicking anywhere on the page directly navigates the user away from the operation page. 

  19. Amaya- Save/Discard popup box should not be shown when user is trying to go back without saving any changes 

  20. Mobile app- Secret question- Field is showing required even when data is present in field 

  21. Cymmetri Verify app- Password recovery should be provided for Exported TOTP user files in case user forgets the password 

  22. login via Authenticator-identity provider is inactive then also user able to login. 

  23. syslog-configuration- UDP test, for invalid IP also giving success. 

  24. Unable to have TOTP account for same username on different environments 

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. Workflow initiated for form but form is getting updated without workflow approval.

  3. In application setting if show to user flag off then also application show in recent application.

  4. Unable to identify application properties data type where value is empty

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