Accepting Delegation

Upon receiving a delegation request, the user is notified via email and within the platform.

To view the delegated task the delegatee can go to Settings->Delegation to Me to see details about the delegated tasks and the user who has assigned the task

The user needs to click on the Accept button to accept the delegation. On click the Accept button an Assignee(delegatee) Consent is shown which the users needs to read and confirm. The Consent also shows details of the delegator and the duration of the delegation.

Once the user accepts the delegation the user sees a login button, to login into cymmetri as the delegator

On clicking the login button the delegatee is redirected to the delegator's My Workspace Dashboard.

The delegatee can access and perform actions on all the applications assigned to them and if any application is excluded during delegation they are not visible to the delegatee.