Cymmetri's Internal Identity Provider (IDP) is a powerful authentication solution that supports seamless integration with various Identity Providers (IDPs).

We will explore the configuration options for three types of IDPs:

  • Cymmetri,

  • Active Directory, and

  • LDAP.

The flexibility of the Cymmetri Internal IDP allows you to manage multiple IDPs of the same type, making it easy to adapt to diverse environments with different Active Directory/ LDAP instances.Cymmetri's Internal IDP aims to provide a centralized and adaptable authentication solution for your environment, supporting various IDP types.

To access Internal Identity Providers navigate to Authentication-> Identity Provider->Internal IDP

To customize the applicability of different IDPs, administrators need to configure Authentication Rules. These rules enable the configuration of various conditions. When these conditions are met, the corresponding authentication mechanism or IDP is used for user authentication.