Version: cloud_3.0.1-beta product release

Date: 09 February 2024

**To ensure the highest quality standards, some features in this version are marked for further refinement and will not be included in the current release. Please refer to the next approved release for updates and improvements.**

New Features

  1. PAM SUDO SU feature for linux server.(For SUDO SU shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+E)

  2. SAML Assertion Preview

  3. Encrypt saml response

  4. ETL

    • Custom Create user in AD API with unboundid library

    • Custom user assign to group in AD API with unboundid library

  5. Configurable UI Info and Actions:

    1. Hide "Reset / Unlock User"

    2. Hide "Login Help Page Link"

    3. Configure "Login Help Page Link"

    4. Hide "IP Address"

    5. Hide "Self-Service App Links"

  6. Login Help page external link updated

  7. Cymmetri Verify

    1. Firebase version upgradation

    2. A troubleshoot page provided if FCM token is missing

  8. SSO UI migration

  9. Made Gateway IPs and Proxy IPs non mandatory on the Masters -Zone page. Only Name and CIDR fields will be mandatory.


  1. Default delegation consents do not convey responsibility of delegator or delegatee

  2. Self service app- On behalf: When clicked on application/groups from dropdown mobile keyboard is getting displayed and due to that applications/ groups visibility is less

  3. Provision rule-On click save showing error,without condition

  4. Configurations-general-config-Rename message for User Decommission Config

  5. Label update for suspend config

  6. Provision Rule; Groups/Application- If user is selecting any local group in first field then second field is greyed out not showing other local groups

  7. Notification content should not be hardcoded

  8. Remove trailing slash from selfservice endpoint

  9. Error handling for product Webhook custom error

  10. Application SSO-attribute mapping-without selecting Cymmetri Attribute save button should not be enable, as this is mandatory field

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. AD Group pull || Only under 1000 member getting pulled (Connector Server Restriction)

  3. Workflow initiated for form but form is getting updated without workflow approval.