Version: cloud_3.0.3-beta product release

Date: 15 December 2023

**To ensure the highest quality standards, some features in this version are marked for further refinement and will not be included in the current release. Please refer to the next approved release for updates and improvements.**

New Features

  1. WebAuthn passwordless authentication (It only works for chrome, safari, edge on desktop and chrome and edge on mobile) - EXPERIMENTAL

  2. Onbehalf Configuration

    • Default onbehalf configuration

    • Rule engine support to create custom configuration.

    • Display the OnBehalf menu in self-service according to the logged-in user's matching custom/default configuration.

    • Below menu operations supported

      • User Application View,

        • Assign Application

        • Assign Role

        • Unassign Application

        • Unassign Role

      • User Groups View

        • Assign Group

        • Unassign Group

    • Group Provisioning Enhancement

    • Policy map datatype converter Enhancement

      • Converter support added in custom attribute

      • Configuration support added for custom attribute converters

      • Encryption added for Custom attribute password converter value of user

    • Cymmetri Verify v5.10.3 - (link) -

      • Bug fixes

    • Cymmetri Mobile v1.5.1 (link) - (Rejected)

      • Bug fixes

      • Added self verification support for forgot password, App MFA, server MFA, and passwordless

    • Global module search feature (Ctrl+K)

    • Groups list pagination in user details

    • Connector

      • Oracle HCM

    • PAM

      • AD seperated from the Cymmetri

    • Group - View Attribute - Showing list of CN of members of remote group


  1. Workflow for time-based role application- Audit log should show action not supported me ssage if lifetime application is changed to time base from approver end.

  2. Recon Link for both exist- When updating group after linking showing custom attribute error

  3. Multi node-Application assign with role, all user getting assigned but still import showing in progress

  4. AD group count mismatch-In AD total 1278 group but in pull it is showing 1260

  5. Application Group- Pagination should be applied for group provision page

  6. AD application push- Group should not be updated when update checkbox in policy map is unchecked

  7. AD Recon Push- When all policy attribute are false, group creation should show error.

  8. AD Application Pull- When all policy attribute are set to false, group creation should show error

  9. AD-Policymap_memberOf need to be default false for old tenants

  10. Browser specific-On Mozilla browser OTP verification is not proper

  11. Login with Domain Admin- Manager assignments should not be greyed out

  12. Import completed file show end time

  13. Policymap-group(pull/push)-if attributes are inactive then this should not be reflected under dropdown

  14. PAM-Sign on Policy- Policy should not get activated unless MFA factor is selected.

  15. Audit-Configuration-OTP-For check uncheck Send OTP on,audit should be present

  16. AD application- Should show error message when description is user principal

  17. Self service-Read auto MFA considering camel cases

  18. Cymmetri Verify app- Cymmetri mobile app is not able to fetch TOTP from verify app if the re are more than 20 TOTP users

  19. Users Managed View- Managed view should get blank for those application not supporting this operation

  20. Configuration>Master>Browser Tab text is not correct

  21. Workflow- Close button in Users details pop up box should be enlarged (currently not visible properly)

  22. Branding-Should show proper validation message on UI

  23. Version-provisionsrvc showing two times

  24. PAM> SignOn Policy- Discard button is not working

  25. Identity Hub> Users: Others field details are not visible on user display page on editing profile

  26. Cymmetri app(selfservice)-Auto read MFA-when Cymmetri verify app having App protection is enabled then also it is reading,bypassing app protection

  27. Cymmetri Verify - Google Authenticator Import TOTP timer not running

  28. Cymmetri Verify - MFA Push Registration fails

  29. Cymmetri Verify - App crashing on Samsung fold phone

  30. SAML-Expression-restrict to show id

  31. SAML-Expression-if user don't have data and fetching data then no message showing on UI

  32. SAML Key:- Not able to understand why validation message is showing invalid arguments

  33. Delegation- Session getting expired even after refreshing token continuously

  34. External idp login showing error

  35. SAML-User is not able to download metadata, showing 500 internal server error

  36. API SSO validateToken API only validate the auth_key parameter

  37. Password converter only accepted encrypted value. it should also accept user's editable va lue

  38. Identity Hub>Group: Grey out Group name field for remote groups as user cannot edit name

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. AD Group pull || Only under 1000 member getting pulled (Connector Server Restriction)

  3. Application getting assigned from UI. If it is failed.

  4. Group-Custom Attributes not getting updated in group while assigning user to the group manually

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