The Dashboard under My Workspace is the default page once the user has logged in to Cymmetri. This page is accessible to all users in Cymmetri.

Cymmetri assigns a basic user role to all users in the system by default. Users with such a role will be able to view the screen as shown below:

Users with a Cymmetri Administrator role can view additional system information on their dashboard. An example dashboard view for a Cymmetri Administrator is shown below:

Dashboard: Recently Used Applications

The user sees a summary of recently accessed applications. Clicking on any of these applications will result in Single Sign-On (SSO) to the chosen application. If the user has not accessed any applications recently, the system will display 'No recent apps'.

Dashboard: Access Expiring

The user receives notifications when their access to certain applications is set to be automatically revoked after a specified period. The applications listed in this section have access times defined for the user and are not granted as lifetime access.

Dashboard: Running Certifications

The user sees a summary of the certification campaigns which are currently active. The user may require to provide access confirmations for continuing access of other Cymmetri users by either approving or revocation of such access. A click on the active campaign will lead the user to the Access Review section of Cymmetri My Workspace.

Dashboard: Requests

The user sees a summary count of requests that require logged in user’s attention. Access requests requiring the user’s confirmations are listed in the Inbox section of Cymmetri My Workspace. A quick reference of the available options are:

  • Pending Requests

  • Application Requests

  • Claims

  • New Applications

  • New Joinees

User can click on See All which will lead the user to Team section of Cymmetri My Workspace. The system will show count as zero if there are no new pending requests for the user. For each new unread request, the system will indicate the count in the orange box.