First Time User Registration

All users accessing Cymmetri must pass through the first time user registration flow.

For the first time user registration flow, the user will require the website address to access the Cymmetri Cloud Account, their username and password. URL: https://<companyname>



Below is a step-by-step guide for accessing Cymmetri and completing the first-time registration process:

  1. The user needs to type the appropriate URL in the browser address bar.

  2. Then the user needs to provide the username when prompted

  1. Then the user needs to provide with a password

  1. Cymmetri will require the user to change the initial password and provide a new password. If the new password provided by user does not match or does not satisfy the password policy, the user will not be able to reset the password and the Update button will not be clickable.

  1. After the user has reset the initial password successfully, if Multi-Factor Authentication is configured for the user, Cymmetri asks the user to register for Multi-Factor Authentication using the Cymmetri Authenticator. The system will guide the user to setup their MFA.

  2. On clicking the Cymmetri Authenticator option, the user will be required to scan a QR code using the Cymmetri Authenticator mobile application.

  3. On scanning the QR Code in the Cymmetri Authenticator mobile application the user is registered in the application and can view a unique 6 digit code which needs to be provided in the screen below:

  1. Once user has successfully registered the MFA, the user will be guided to the My Workspace page.

  1. The password for the user would be sent to the user’s registered email address. The password may also be available with Cymmetri administrative user or the user’s reporting manager.