Vault User

What is a vault user?

A "vault user" refers to a user account that has access to a secure resources on a server. When configuring PAM, credentials of the vault user are used to connect to the destination server.

Each device/ server configured can have a vault user created for it. It is also possible that a same user created at a centrally located place like an Active Directory can be used to access multiple devices/ server.

Cymmetri allows you to Access and Manage Vault Users a vault user and use it to access the server.

Adding a vault user

  1. Click on Vault User in the Privilege Access Management Section

  2. This opens a pop up that asks for your current password. This is done to confirm the request is actually made by the PAM Administrator

  3. Once the password is entered It shows the list of all Vault Users

  4. On the Top Right there is a button for Add Vault User. Click on that to Add a new vault user.

  5. A new modal opens up where you need to provide username and password for creating a vaut user

  6. Here the User Name has to be unique and Password is optional we may create a user just with the User Name

  7. Once entered click on Save and a user is created as shown below

Editing a vault user details:

  1. For editing the details of a vault user we need to click on the ellipses next to the vault user's name and Select Edit as shown below:

  2. This opens a modal similar to adding a vault user where you can change the vault user credentials and save

Deleting a vault user:

  1. For deleting a vault user we need to click on the ellipses next to the vault user's name and Select Delete as shown below:

  2. Once you click on delete it asks for confirmation, Once confirmed the user is deleted.