Version: cloud_3.0.11-beta product release

Date: 05 April 2024

**To ensure the highest quality standards, some features in this version are marked for further refinement and will not be included in the current release. Please refer to the next approved release for updates and improvements.**

New Features

  1. New Feature - Amaya (Schema Maker): A new feature called "Amaya" is released for generating policy map, policy attribute, and also for generating schema for various functions - Create User, Update User, Sync User, Search User etc. Using a UI-based designer, an administrator may configure JSON REST-API based applications without needing to write scripts for the above mentioned functions.

  2. Role Required in Assign Application(Backend Validation):

    • Bulk Application Assignment

    • Admin Application Assignment

    • Admin User Page

    • Selfservice, User Application Request

    • Selfservice -> Teams, Application Assignment

    • Selfservice -> Onbehalf, Application Assignment

  3. Active Directory new bundle (Using unboundid.ldap.sdk library) <Group operation supports>

    • Added a field inside Active Directory User Configuration Page: "Add or Remove group using Simple AD".

  4. Added a default filter for the start date as the current day in all report detail views.

  5. The view button in the application role is only visible when edit access is not provided to the user, but read access is granted, such as for read-only users.

  6. PAM - Device Termination when device unassigned


  1. Inbox- Request count should be shown in claim> open request as visible in Requests>Open request

  2. Application deprovision Workflow- When removing role from user application, workflow is getting triggered but before saving popup box is getting disappeared

  3. Password Policy- Accepting -1 in password history versions and also displaying in policy rule when changing password

  4. Password Policy- Password history versions should have default 0 value and also add note specifying description of 0 value.

  5. Import user with grade,need to handle user import with inactive grade

  6. Attribute setting- Not able to disable grade attribute

  7. Audit log- Showing application id instead of application name when moving application to tag from self service app

  8. AD Authentication- Audit log should be shown when changing password for AD authenticated user

  9. My workspace >Teams>Users- The message "User account locked" appears whenever changing pages.

  10. Forms- Field name is not displaying double spaces when inserted in JSON field

  11. Workflow Config- Add Remove button for stage 1 user

  12. Tenant registration flow- show password not working

  13. Workflow- Pending/ Inbox- Menu action should not be visible for every application or when field is empty.

  14. Identity Hub>User Filters- When applying a filter for inactive users or any other filter and then activating the same user, the filter selection is removed, but the count is still displayed.

  15. Upload CSV- Not able to drag and drop csv files in import users, manager assignments, groups

  16. Global module search-when product is disabled and the user trying to search then showing an error

  17. Application update Workflow- Workflow is not getting trigged when application role is assigned to user

  18. Partner portal-delete customer not working

  19. Applications-For old google applications name getting replaced with Google Workspace

  20. Password Policy>Blacklisted Password- When setting blacklisted password for user showing error

  21. Password less login showing error

  22. Email Notification- User is not receiving email notification

  23. Version Specific > Delegation recent apps- When delegatee is accessing account then excluded application are still showing in recent used apps

  24. Admin MFA -on click save showing error

  25. TEAMS-Menu action click showing unknown error

  26. Admin Dashboard, Risk Dashboard and Insight reports are not loading

  27. Taking time to load data in complete application

  28. User-Activity -taking time to load data

  29. AD- Recon- Push- Users are going into pending state for new AD bundle

  30. Managed View- IDM value is not getting displayed

  31. Notification template-need to add middlename attribute under system variable

  32. Users | Sort by filter should be beside Sort Order

  33. Role mandatory-In import assign application there is no validation, without role also able to assign

  34. Identity Hub>User>Setting- Admin should not be able to lock himself from setting

  35. Suspend user-for AD update , remove application

  36. AD application - In Suspend user, application status is showing fail updation state

  37. Group-Recon pull-update and full sync assign/update-taking too much time

  38. AD Group pull || Only under 1000 member getting pulled (Connid Restriction)

  39. Remote group-bulk assignment showing error, "failureReason" : "javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException: [LDAP: error code 51 - 0000200E: SvcErr: DSID-031A1202, problem 5001 (BUSY), data 0 ]; remaining name 'CN=allgroup,OU=allgroup,dc=cymmetri,dc=in'"

  40. When Add group pull/push then server getting stuck due to memory increase.

  41. Remote Group assign in bulk-Not moving all user in group under AD

  42. AD Application new bundle- If user is inactive in AD, and same user is updated in Cymmetri then user in AD should also get updated

  43. AD Recon push-User not getting push in target (New bundle)

  44. Adaptive MFA-Blacklisted ip configuration- Not able to enter range

  45. Phone number - Phone number and country code validation issue

  46. Partner portal- Company name letters should be extended to 100 characters and space at the end should be trimmed

  47. Partner Portal- On admin approval dashboard page, column name width should be identical, and if name is extending then extended name should be shown in hover.

Known Bugs

  1. Manager notification: receiving user name required manager name

  2. Workflow initiated for form but form is getting updated without workflow approval.

  3. In application setting if show to user flag off then also application show in recent application.

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