Cymmetri allows all users to be able to perform self-service actions such as Single Sign-On, Password Reset, MFA Reset, Approve Access request for other users, Re-certification approvals, and Team Configurations among others. Cymmetri's My Workspace is the central console where such user actions can be performed from.

User Navigation

In Cymmetri's My Workspace section, users can navigate to various other sections using the navigation panel located on the left side on the Dashboard.

Administrators, with their privileged access, have an extended menu section labeled 'Admin' situated above the standard 'My Workspace' menu.

Administrators can seamlessly switch between their 'My Workspace' and the 'Admin' section by selecting the corresponding option from the Main Menu Navigation.

Accessibility Options & Settings

The logged-in user can access the Settings page by clicking on the user menu located in the header.


Under the Settings sub-menu, the users can:

  • View their Profile

  • Change Password

  • Manage Additional Verification (MFA)

  • Reset their Secret Questions

  • View the Delegations assigned to them

  • Delegate their work to other users(optional)

My Profile

The My Profile menu allows users to easily access and review their personal profile information. This functionality offers individuals a comprehensive view of the data associated with their account.

Change Password

The logged-in user has the ability to independently change their password through the 'Change Password' menu.

Additional Verification (MFA)

Using the Additional Verification(MFA) menu logged-In users can self manage their Multi-Factor Authentication options enabled by the Cymmetri Administrator. The user can see the list of available options and can remove and setup these options as needed.

Secret Questions

The Secret Questions menu allows the user to view and reset all the existing secret questions configured by the user

Delegation to Me

Userss can view any delegations assigned to them and login as the assigned user and perform various tasks on behalf of the assigned user in the Delegation to Me section.

My Delegations

Users can delegate their Cymmetri My Workspace access to a designated user, who can then login as the delegating user in the Delegation to Me section

Logout from Cymmetri

A Cymmetri user can be logged out either by the system through the time-out policy, or the user can logout using the My Workspace logout options as shown below-

Logout using User Menu

Logout using Main Menu Navigation